C&G 2382 BS7671

COURSE 300: 1 DAY: Max 8 Candidates  New for 2018

A bridging course is available for candidates who use the Regulations on a regular basis and have attended the full 17th Edition course in recent years.


Only candidates who are in possession of the C&G 2382-15 qualification are eligible for this course. This means that they would have attended the full course and passed the examination between 2015 and 2018. The reference number is shown at the bottom of the C&G certificate. An eligibility assessment is available on request.


The course is presented on the assumption that only the latest changes between the 17th and 18th Edition Regulations need to be taught. There is a little time to quickly recap the key technical issues in the Regulations but not at the same depth as the full 3.5 day course. Students are loaned copies of the IET 18th Edition Regulations for use during the course and are provided with a free copy of the Unite / Technical Training Solutions publication: The Electricians Guide to Good Electrical Practice.


This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to be successful in the City & Guilds 2382-18 examination. This is the same examination that is attempted at the end of the full 3.5 day course, and of course this is why the eligibility criteria is quite strict.

Successful completion of the course leads to the City & Guilds 2382-18: Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations (BS7671: 2018).